Episode 77

The City: Off-Campus Episode 77: ESPN Sports Betting Analyst & Daily Wager Host Doug Kezirian


September 15th, 2021

42 mins

Season 2

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About this Episode

On Episode 77, Samand Jack are joined by ESPN's Sports Betting Analyst and Host of Daily Wager Doug Kezirian. Doug breaks down how he got his start into journalism and covering sports, what brought him out to Las Vegas and how living there in Nevada helped change the path of his career. From doing midnight radio to covering sports gambling as a passion, Doug got his break and was hired by ESPN to be an anchor and on-air personality which quickly got parlayed into working in their gambling sector. Doug details how ESPN evolved to talk and cover sports gambling and how that change felt within Las Vegas. Doug wraps the show up by talking about some of his most rewarding interviews and moments of his career, including interviewing Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, meeting Chris Berman and Stuart Scott for the first time or covering Guantanamo Bay.