Episode 57

The City: Off-Campus Episode 57: End of Year Advice from Guests


May 15th, 2021

12 mins 48 secs

Season 1

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Guest 1: Iowa alum, former NBA/NFL executive Steve Lacroix
Guest 2: Founder & CEO of Social Victories, NFL marketing agent Whitney Holtzman
Guest 3: Iowa alum, documentarian and journalist Brooke Bierhaus
Guest 4: Director of Sport Rec. Mgmt. at Iowa, former MLB executive Dan Matheson
Guest 5: NHL Executive VP, Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer
Guest 6: Iowa alum, current Minnesota Viking quarterback Nate Stanley
Guest 7: Iowa alum, former collegiate and professional basketball player Cyrus Tate
Guest 8: ESPN NBA front office insider, former NBA executive Bobby Marks
Guest 9: ESPN producer, “Get Up” Paul Hembedikes